Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where is the Arkansas Razorback basketball team headed?

Courtney Fortson has officailly killed the hopes of the Arkansas Razorback program. The team that showed little be get excited about in their 2009-2010 campaign has just learned that their "star" player has not only thrown his name into the NBA draft ring, he has signed with an agent. As we all know the act of signing with an agent officially ends your college career.

Why does this shock me? Two reasons: 1. Courtney Fortson is no where near being ready for the NBA. While he does show some impressive skills from time to time, I am generally more amazed at the number of turnovers he has in a single half of basketball. 2. I wonder who is giving these kids such awful advice on turning pro? Once I saw that he had signed with an agent, I pretty much had my answer to this question.

Now on to John Pelphery, the head coach. I hope he has the number for a good moving company. In other words, his days are numbered. Many of us thought he would not make it through this last year, but for some reason Jeff Long (the AD) turned his head and gave Pel another year. Sadly the best prospects on the Arkansas recruiting list are all still in high school, and Pel is sure to be gone before they walk across the stage. If the Hogs finish anywhere north of last in the West I'll be shocked, amazed, and floored. I'd almost be willing to place a small wager on it.

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