Monday, April 12, 2010

Calipari: Past vs. Future

UK chose to overlooked John Calipari's rumors and questionable past (2 schools on Probation, and 1 NBA firing) in order to "win." Can UK overlook his 'present' and 'future' in the name of "winning?"

You would think everyone would be excited to have 5 NBA level players on one team, but after finishing the year short of a title and a Final Four, you have wonder if it's worth it. All 5 kids will likely leave UK and turn pro. Most of them leave with lingering questions out their educational background and dedication to UK. Aren't these kids the 'real' reason UK wanted Coach Cal? Blue Chips who could put the 'Wild' back in Wildcat basketball. What happens if Cal can't replace this unreal talent? Will they [UK] finally take a moment to look at his past? Add to Cal's list Asst. Coach Rod Strickland's DUI (his 4th) and I'm not sure the UK/Calipari future is as bright as it could be.

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