Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 SEC Football Pre-Season Predictions (revised)

Here's my top of the head, Pre-Season Football Predictions...What are yours?

1. Alabama
2. Arkansas
3. LSU
4. Auburn
5. Miss State
6. Ole Miss

1. Florida
2. UGA
3. South Carolina
4. Tennessee
5. Kentucky
6. Vandy

Winner - Alabama

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  1. And we are still picked to finish 4th in the East. Grrr. Maybe with some luck and execution we can at least snag third.

  2. I will have to put GA over FL this year. I agree with you on 3rd-6th. The only thing correct on your predictions for the west is that Alabama will win that one. 1)AL, 2)LSU, 3)AR, 4)Aub, 5)MS, 6)MSU. If Ole Miss' new running back is as good as they are saying he is, I might have to put Ole Miss above Auburn.

  3. west is 1 alabama 2 lsu 3arkansas 4 ole miss 5 auburn 6 miss state

    east is 1 florida 2 south carolina 3 georgia 4 kentucky 5 tennesee 6 vanderbilt

  4. I knew AU was cheating when, during Chizik's first recruiting season, only a month after being hired, Auburn started getting commits like Tyric Rollison, Demond Washington, and other highly sought after players, even though AU was coming off a losing year, Chizik had a 5-19 record as a coach and none were from an adjoining state or had previously followed Auburn. It is tough for ANY school to get players to come from far away. Particularly to a school like AU with no great academic traditions or history for greatness in any particular area (other than fielding a professional football team and giving out free grades to jocks). Not even Football. Uh HUH! Cash invovled.

    Then, this was confirmed that same summer, when the top 3 RBs in the entire country put Auburn at the top of their list,their favorite. None were from Alabama, none were even from Florida, Tenn, Miss nor Georgia. Not one of the three was from nearby. Then all summer and fall they flew back and forth from places like Arkansas, Texas, and South Carolina. Where did they get the cash to do that every week? What HS kid can afford to do that?

    Finally, the next recruiting season, with AU having only an 8-5 year, with Alabama as National Champions, AU outrecruited UA. They continued to get recruits from places where it is usually difficult for the established, great, schools like Notre Dame, OSU, UA, OU and Texas to recruit - that is, in non-adjoining states.

    So AU outrecruited the National Champions with kids actually willing to go to school a long way from home to play for a so so program with a so-so record, and a for coach with a losing record. What does that tell you? Players like Cam Newton switching instantaneously from his favorite to a school he just heard of a week before.

    A school already known as the Notre Dame of Cheating leading the SEC with 7 major probations and one short of the national record. Now with the revelations coming out of Miss State, we know that they are indeed paying players. We know that he cost more than a scholarship. We know he went to Auburn. His dad admitted to shopping him. Has the NCAA gone nuts. AU belongs in the NFL not college football.