Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hurry up Football...I'm tired of not talking.

My only thought, as I sit here on Saturday morning watching my daughter play at McDonalds is, "Damn I can't wait for SEC football." Am I addicted???

Football addiction is something that is hard for me to understand, yet I know it's something I don't want to do without. (I guess if I was a smoker I would have a similar challenge trying to explain it.)

For years, I never knew I had it. I never saw it as a problem until, get this, I got married! Now being pissed about missing a kickoff, watching 2 TVs (P-in-P for you fancy dudes), or being emotionally excited about the WatchESPN app release is seen as "weird." What people (my wife) don't understand is those events/shows, only fuel the real addiction which is talking, arguing, debating and sometimes fighting about this ultimate reality show.
I love the debate. The constant thrill of What will happen next?, How will 'Coach' react?, Who will become a 'Star' today?, and Who will WIN?. Looking at stats, previous games, and like opponents so I can make what some would call an "educated guess." on why the team I picked will beat the team you picked. Educated guess, ha, I find that to be funny. My guess is no more educated than any of those Gameday guys, or the kids on your local kindergarten playground. (See what I did there?)

There's not much in this world that I crave nearly everyday. Outside of family, food, water (leaded and unleaded) and SportsCenter. When I add football, my day is pretty much complete.

Why am writing this? Good question, but I don't have a good answer. I just started typing and look what happen.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SEC Players in 2011 NFL Draft

Last First  Pos School Round/Pick Pick NFL Team 
Carpenter James OL Alabama Rd 1, Pk 25 25 Seahawks
Dareus Marcell DT Alabama Rd 1, Pk 3 3 Bills
Ingram Mark RB Alabama Rd 1, Pk 28 28 Saints
Jones Julio WR Alabama Rd 1, Pk 6 6 Falcons
McElroy Greg QB Alabama Rd 7, Pk 5 208 Jets
Love Demarcus OL Arkansas Rd 6, Pk 3 168 Vikings
Mallett Ryan QB Arkansas Rd 3, Pk 10 74 Patriots
Williams D.J. TE Arkansas Rd 5, Pk 10 141 Packers
Clayton Zach DT Auburn Rd 7, Pk 9 212 Titans
Fairley Nick DT Auburn Rd 1, Pk 13 13 Lions
Newton Cam QB Auburn Rd 1, Pk 1 1 Panthers
Ziemba Lee OT Auburn Rd 7, Pk 41 244 Panthers
Black Ahmad SS Florida Rd 5, Pk 20 151 Buccaneers
Gilbert Marcus OL Florida Rd 2, Pk 31 63 Steelers
Hurt Maurice OL Florida Rd 7, Pk 14 217 Redskins
Pouncey Mike OL Florida Rd 1, Pk 15 15 Dolphins
Boling Clint OL Georgia Rd 4, Pk 4 101 Bengals
Chapas Shaun RB Georgia Rd 7, Pk 17 220 Cowboys
Dent Akeem LB Georgia Rd 3, Pk 27 91 Falcons
Durham Kris WR Georgia Rd 4, Pk 10 107 Seahawks
Green A.J. WR Georgia Rd 1, Pk 4 4 Bengals
Houston Justin LB Georgia Rd 3, Pk 6 70 Chiefs
Cobb Randall WR Kentucky Rd 2, Pk 32 64 Packers
Barksdale Joseph OL LSU Rd 3, Pk 28 92 Raiders
Levingston Lazarius DL LSU Rd 7, Pk 2 205 Seahawks
Nevis Drake DL LSU Rd 3, Pk 23 87 Colts
Peterson Patrick CB LSU Rd 1, Pk 5 5 Cardinals
Ridley Stevan RB LSU Rd 3, Pk 9 73 Patriots
Sheppard Kelvin LB LSU Rd 3, Pk 4 68 Bills
Powe Jerrell DL Mississippi Rd 6, Pk 34 199 Chiefs
McPhee Pernell DL Miss St. Rd 5, Pk 34 165 Ravens
Sherrod Derek OL Miss St. Rd 1, Pk 32 32 Packers
White Chris LB Miss St. Rd 6, Pk 4 169 Bills
Wright K.J. LB Miss St. Rd 4, Pk 2 99 Seahawks
Culliver Chris DB S. Carolina Rd 3, Pk 16 80 49ers
Matthews Cliff DL S. Carolina Rd 7, Pk 27 230 Falcons
Moore Denarius WR Tennessee Rd 5, Pk 17 148 Raiders
Stocker Luke TE Tennessee Rd 4, Pk 7 104 Buccaneers