Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hurry up Football...I'm tired of not talking.

My only thought, as I sit here on Saturday morning watching my daughter play at McDonalds is, "Damn I can't wait for SEC football." Am I addicted???

Football addiction is something that is hard for me to understand, yet I know it's something I don't want to do without. (I guess if I was a smoker I would have a similar challenge trying to explain it.)

For years, I never knew I had it. I never saw it as a problem until, get this, I got married! Now being pissed about missing a kickoff, watching 2 TVs (P-in-P for you fancy dudes), or being emotionally excited about the WatchESPN app release is seen as "weird." What people (my wife) don't understand is those events/shows, only fuel the real addiction which is talking, arguing, debating and sometimes fighting about this ultimate reality show.
I love the debate. The constant thrill of What will happen next?, How will 'Coach' react?, Who will become a 'Star' today?, and Who will WIN?. Looking at stats, previous games, and like opponents so I can make what some would call an "educated guess." on why the team I picked will beat the team you picked. Educated guess, ha, I find that to be funny. My guess is no more educated than any of those Gameday guys, or the kids on your local kindergarten playground. (See what I did there?)

There's not much in this world that I crave nearly everyday. Outside of family, food, water (leaded and unleaded) and SportsCenter. When I add football, my day is pretty much complete.

Why am writing this? Good question, but I don't have a good answer. I just started typing and look what happen.
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