Monday, January 25, 2010

Without Calipari?

What would the SEC look like without Calipari's move from Memphis to Kentucky? Let's face it, if Coach Cal doesn't leave Memphis, the story lines would point to either Tennessee or Vanderbilt.

Tennessee has made their own story line by literally "sticking up" folks and winning games shorthanded. Vandy on the other hand, has bolted out of the SEC gate to a 4-0 start against some pretty solid teams. They haven't had that so called "Signature" win yet, but that could come this week against the Vols. Although this is an in-state rivalry game, it could be the game that gets Vandy some national exposure and votes. Even Andy Katz from ESPN thinks they will give Kentucky trouble. [via Twitter @ESPNAndyKatz - Kentucky played like a champ Saturday but I still say someone on the road will nab 'Cats (at Vandy or at Tenn most likely)].

The rest of the SEC is somewhat average. You can make an argument for Florida, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State, but the bottom half of the top 25 is where the SEC has lived since world revolved around Gainesville a few years ago.

Bottomline, Calipari's move to Kentucky and bringing with him 3 of the most sought after recruits in the country, is the story of the SEC. Without that move we would be bored to death as SEC fans. The SEC hardwood currently is filled with a bunch of nice guys that don't make a not of noise (unlike the SEC gridiron) and just try to keep their jobs. A great story must have a villain and now the SEC has one, Calipari's Kentucky Wildcats!

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